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Plenary speakers

img3Fred Genesee, McGill

Myths and misunderstandings about dual language acquisition
in young learners

There has been growing interest in children who learn language in diverse contexts and under diverse circumstances...

img4Penelope Brown, MPI, NL

Where and whither? The acquisition of spatial language
in a Mayan culture

Spatial cognition is a crucial part of normal practical and social cognition, and children have to rapidly learn the nature of their spatial world and how to talk about it...

img2Simon Fisher, Oxford

Building bridges between genes, brains and language
Genes that are implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders can provide novel insights into neural mechanisms contributing to human spoken language...

img1Deb Roy, MIT

A Study of Language Development in Context
Naturalistic longitudinal recordings of child development promise to reveal fresh perspectives on basic questions of language learning...

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